Importance of community events

Boo! It’s Halloween.

Community events are very important activities that should be part of our lives as humans. Beyond compulsory official events at work, end of the year business parties or family reunion parties once in 3 years, it is important to partake in community events. No matter how relaxed an official party is, almost everyone puts up a certain formal composure because it is a gathering of people from the same office or business circles. However, with community events, people can get to be themselves to a very large extent. Of course, this is because that is where you live, raise your children, and engage in so many other activities with your family. So, we would be examining some of the benefits of community events to you as an individual and for your family. In addition, we would be looking at how planning and organizing community events as a real estate developer is very important.

Individual Benefits of Community Events

Network Building: No matter the networking seminars or webinars you listen to, the only way to build your network is to interact with people. While it is great to engage with new people online across various social media channels, it is important to note that lasting stable relationships require some offline connecting together. Hence community events play a huge role in your networking efforts. Community events are quite without hidden agendas as compared to business events or corporate mixers where a lot of attendees tend to relate with one another based on what they can get from the person. At community events, people are interested in knowing people for who they are and that is how great relationships are built.

Changing Routine: Quite a lot of people just live triangular lifestyles; Home -- Work -- Home. It is one of the reasons why people sometimes fall into depression or get tired of life. When your life just follows a monotonous routine, it is very possible for one to suddenly begin to wonder what life is all about. If you attend community events from time to time, you would have that extra spark, rejuvenation and see a reason to explore life beyond the routine.

Sharing Ideas and Inspiration: There is so much power and positivity when people come together, talk over food, partake in fun activities and just share parts of their life journey with others. You may be unsure of certain ideas you have or how to go about achieving some of your lofty dreams but just sitting with people from varied backgrounds can expand your mind on possibilities.

Socializing: Some people are very good at attending events but poor at meeting new people or just letting down their guard and really interacting with other people. Simply put, they do not know how to socialize. The implication of this is that they would find it difficult to build a great and stable network. However, it is a different all game with community events because of the way such events are structured. Nobody is coming to lecture you on how to close $50billion sales or high profile technology tools to improve your workflow that you may need to go back to teach your colleagues. Usually, you have no option than to engage in activities, move around and even if you would normally shy away, you would definitely find yourself having conversations with people.

Benefits for Real Estate Developers & OA Companies

Community Pride: Nobody likes to stay in a neighbourhood that is dull all year round. Even people who like their personal spaces or prefer keeping indoors would definitely want to engage in some activities from time to time. Whether it is hiking on a trail, or feeding pigeons, people wouldn’t mind doing something periodically. Apart from giving the community visibility, it would definitely ramp up rent prices and property value. Hence, it is worth considering developing great community events in addition to little activities and attractions like parks, trails that invariably help people connect.

Foster Development: Apart from enhancing community pride, community events help to foster development in the long run. This is the result of the social benefits that come with engagement and interaction between members of the community. When there is bonding and togetherness, the members of that community would want to come together to look for ways that they can improve the community for the collective good of everyone. A high sense of community pride is a very important factor in the development of that community and one of the easiest ways to achieve it is through events. When residents feel proud to belong to a particular community, they are more likely to tell other people about the community. In fact, they would easily tell organizations within their network to pursue offline activities or organize events within the community.

Boost Economy: A community that is vibrant as a result of the activities and community events that happen frequently would definitely attract quality investment. Small businesses, organizations and institutions would want to set up their operation within such a community. Also, some organizations would reach out to sponsor events or even pitch some of their events to you as the developer in a community that is active. In the long run, this could be a tangible source of revenue that can serve as additional profit from real estate development or can be used to further develop the community.

Build Tourism: Some of the places in the world that have become top tourist attractions with major events annually started as just small community events before it spread outside of those communities. So, community events are not to be overlooked as it can even become bigger than the community to other areas, states and in some cases open up international tourism. Some of the small businesses established within the community can grow to become part of the community heritage. For instance, a pastry or meal with a special recipe from a small bakery endeared by the community can become something tourists look forward to on their trip.