Top Tips on Organising the Best Halloween Party

Boo! It’s Halloween.

Halloween Events have evolved over the years to become more of a fun-filled event rather than something serious or scary! Across the world, Halloween parties have become increasingly entertaining, with the inclusion of various themes, activities, and music. Dubai is no exception! Halloween events in Dubai are second to none. It is one of the most celebrated events in the calendar and nearly every community in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We at Plan3Media have conceptualized and organized over 10 Halloween events in 2019 at some of the top gated communities of Dubai. While conceptualising such events we keep in mind to keep the entire family engaged by a number of entertainment options and activities. There’s amazing food, an outgoing crowd all dressed up in their scariest and fantastic music! It is an event attended by the entire family and in large numbers. Such events bring the feel-good factor in the residential community and bring immense goodwill to the real estate developer and make the community more liveable.

You might consider decorating the walls of the place where you intend to host the party at, or maybe organising a playlist of cool tunes. But I guarantee you that these won’t entice or stimulate your guests too much. Long gone are the days some spooky decoration and playlist make your parties great!

To organise a Halloween party that you and your guests won’t forget, you will need to bring in the best party gear in Dubai. There are strategies you can use to create a fun and spooky event that everyone will truly enjoy! Let’s explore some tips on how to organise the best Halloween party in Dubai.

The right Props & Decor

Heard of the first impression? As your guests walk in, the impression has to be big. The right entrance arch does that trick. Props and décor play a very important part in any themed festive events. One of the most important props of a Halloween event is the haunted house. A massive haunted house with a number of innovating concepts within will make your guest shower you with tons of compliments. Creating props such as a giant spider and themed balloons will bring the vibe and the feel to your event. Well-designed stage backdrop along with tons of cobweb and hay adds to the craze. Technology can even come in the form of a Halloween photo booth, which is popular at events. You’ll want to select a fun and spooky content that is suitable for your guests.

Do and Dance

To create the best Halloween party, you’ll need activities. These can include games, live performances, make-up stations, themed arts & crafts for kids, spooky bouncy castles, best-dressed competitions, creative classes, and a dancefloor! A spooky train running through a cemetery or a group of spookily dressed mannequins will always do the trick. Activities are crucial for larger Halloween events, where more people need to be kept entertained. Take special care to get the right Emcee for the event. Emcee brings in the energy and gets the guests involved in the event. If you are running out of ideas and Google doesn’t seem to be helping, then don’t fret! We are here to help. Our professional team of event organisers can arrange for live performers, DJs, and game hosts to meet your party needs!

Cushy Comfort

Got a venue but can’t find furniture that suits? We got that covered! Not only do we provide the best party equipment in Dubai, we provide the best event furniture on rent to go with it too! Now, I know what you’re thinking – it’s Halloween, most people stand or do activities anyway. So, what’s the need? You’d be surprised how much furniture can make or break your party. Your guests (or even yourself, your busy bee organiser) value comfortable furniture to rest in between all the socializing! Plus, if it looks creative, it’s a conversation-starter! Win-win!

Food Matters

Get the best food trucks and get them to bring in their own décor to live up to the Halloween theme. The special food zone should have themed bean bags for comfortable seating along with the tasty food options to choose from. The menu can be well crafted to fit in a Halloween burger to add the right spice to a great event.

Halloween is a great chance to organise an event as it often signals the start of the holiday season. We hope you’ve found these tips useful in organising a fun and spooky Halloween this 2020.

As leaders in themed events in Dubai, we are happy to consult you with the most trending and innovative ideas to make your Halloween spooky.