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The Not-So-Visible Part of Events!

The Not-So-Visible Part of Events!

When one thinks about a corporate meeting, a business conference or an elaborate event, what comes to mind is a systematic series of proceedings that happen one after another in a systematic, almost clock-like fashion! In fact, it is this orderly style that has bestowed event management with a glamourous appeal like none other. However, like with every shiny thing, even personal and corporate events are tainted with their own fair share of dull, repetitive, and often painstaking efforts that finally bring out the glossy surface that we all see and love. For all we know, a study conducted by Career Cast places ‘Event Coordinator’ as one of the 10 most stressful jobs.

Beneath the Sheen

A weeklong Team Bonding event, round-the-year Employee Fun Days or a glittery night of Awards & Recognition, no matter the length of an actual event, the planning that goes behind it often takes weeks, months, and in some cases even a years’ time.

The moment a corporate event is incepted, an event manager along with their team starts chalking out the larger picture. This includes everything from the venue to the catering, from the stays to the logistics and everything else in between. Then, of course, there is the most important aspect of them all – the budget. More often than not, event planners have to work with a tight budget and try to squeeze in as many services and perks within the given sum of money as they can. Next, comes in the nitty-gritties. Right from colour of the invite to the fonts on the placeholders, from the texture of the chair covers to the seating arrangements and hundreds of such small details, all need the time and attention of the event planner.

Did we mention the client meetings? Well, almost everything that an event manager decides on first needs to be run by the client. Only after they approve or suggest alterations as per their liking can something be implemented.

It takes tens and hundreds of calls, texts, emails and endless verbal exchange that helps an event take shape, not to mention the innumerable last-minute changes and adjustments. After all that, and most likely come sleepless nights spent ensuring that everything falls into place on the D-Day, can finally an event management company realize the dream of a flawless event.

Factors that Matter

Regardless of how meticulously one plans an event, it is next to impossible to have complete control of every little aspect. In that sense, an event can be considered to be a living organism that is bound to sway its own way, no matter how tight you hold on to it! Hence, it is imperative for a good event planner to the patient, and more important to be flexible enough to embrace and accommodate any changes.

Yet another factor that is paramount is evaluation. In order to make themselves better with every event, it is crucial that the event management team assesses the event and its proceedings beforehand. This helps them foresee if anything could go wrong and rectify any underlying issue within the nick of time!

Now that you know the behind-the-scene nuances of events, we’re sure the next time you happen to attend an event, the arduous planning that went in to make it all feel like a well-orchestrated performance will cross your mind!

This article is written by Plan3Media who has established itself as a market leader in community events. Since its inception in Dec 2015, the prestigious event management company has conceptualized and executed 300+ community events, across Dubai and India.