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Street Markets

To create a platform for vendors to display their Innovative products and space where families can unwind and have a relaxed day.

What are street markets?

Street Markets are markets where exhibitors display and sell various products such as:


Handmade collectables

Scents and Fragrances

Children’s toys


Home solutions

Why have street markets?

The real essence of a city lies in street markets. Street Markets have been around for centuries. Traders use this as a platform to showcase their unique ideas and innovative products. They also maintain the tradition of face-to-face transactions, unlike internet shopping. A visit to a local street market is a great way to gain insight into the vibrancy of a city, meet up with friends, chat with the local vendors and pick up something fresh.

Who are the visitors?

Street Markets have a variety of visitors. They range from people who seek to spend some quality time with their family, friends who want to meet and chat while browsing through unique articles, people who want to sense the pulse of a city, couples looking for a different date experience. Street markets give visitors the opportunity to have an organic experience whatever the reason.

Who can participate in Street markets?

Business owners from various industries can hire stalls:



Bags /wallets

Home solutions


Food products

Handmade products

Children’s Apparel

Decorative items


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