Top Ten Birthday Party Venues in Dubai

September 28, 2017
1.      Adventure Zone.
Adventure HQ is a perfect venue for energetic children aged 5 years and above This venue offers many activities such as fishing, kayaking, diving, camping, hiking, cycling, off-roading, yoga, fitness, stand up paddling, water sports, and much more.
There are 12 fun walls for more entertaining and climbing experience, such as climbing up a dinosaur skeleton, a castle facade, a quiz wall – warranting you to answer questions correctly to proceed.
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Bounce is a trampoline and Entertainment Park. Claiming to be the biggest trampoline park in Dubai, this venue offers stimulating activities for children. So jump along and as they say the harder you fall, the higher you rise.
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3.Cafe Ceramique.
Café Ceramique is a space where children can increase their awareness for art. It makes a very fine birthday venue to bring out the artist in your children. There is an introduction to pottery and painting and then children are given raw material to make their own creations.
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4. Build a bear.
If your child is too young to climb, bounce or paint, maybe the build a bear workshop will be the ideal l for a party. Build a Bear offers every child the opportunity to build their very own l bear and then age appropriate birthday parties are organized.
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5.ifly-Mirdif City Centre.
Spread your wings and fly away. Ifly offers the opportunity to fly for people ages 3 onwards. This place can be a perfect party location for children who are enthusiastic about being up in the air.
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Be a kid in a Candy store. Literally. Located in Candylicious at the Dubai mall, this venue is probably the sweetest. Sprinkled with cake, balloons, games and of course candy, for children aged from 1 to 13, Partilicious is like a child’s fantasy comes true.
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If you are missing the Alpes and cold weather why not try Ski Dubai. You can book a party room and children can do their discovery ski lessons and snow boarding lessons.
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8.Jam jar
If you want to unleash your Childs creativity then jam jar is the perfect venue. This community art space is equipped with easels, paints, coffee and music creating the perfect art experience for both adults and children
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9. Posh Paws Petting zoo
The petting zoo is a great birthday venue for the toddlers. You can feed most of the animals and enter their enclosures. Ducks and chickens amble around and you can also find ponies, cows, deer, goats, parrots, monkeys and many other animals, which the children can interact with.
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10.Splash n party
The heat in Dubai calls for a dip in the pool. Splash n is the perfect venue where children can access splash pads and water slides and engage in other water activities. The venue offers amazing birthday party options for children of all ages.
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