September 28, 2017


Fun festivals, concerts, flea markets, exhibitions, trade shows and conferences are some of the common events that are happening in Dubai. Noticeably, the best events may seem put together smoothly by its organizers; but behind the scenes, months are spent in preparing, venue hunting, negotiating, resolving conflicts, and meeting with clients. One of the key person behind an event is an event manager who is in charge of planning, organizing and overseeing the event.
So what is the life of an event manager on a regular basis? Let’s have a glimpse on the life of an event manager.
Before the event: Have a Plan. Visualize. Begin with the End in Mind.
As the famous saying goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This wisdom holds true for event managers as they are actively involved in the planning stage of any event. Before the start of an event, most days are spent in the office where the event managers and the team plan, visualize concepts and prepare for any upcoming events. Event managers meet with clients, look for best venues, liaise with vendors, evaluate budgets and resources available, set launch dates, review menus, and prepare the flow of the event. After the planning, the event manager will do final checks.
During the event: Test mic. Sound check. Ready, set, go!
Now, it’s time for the event! On the actual day, the event manager inspects the setting up of the venue and check the equipment. He makes sure that the flow of the event is properly conducted and that the client’s expectations are met. The event manager is expected to handle any problems and scenarios that may present while the event is taking place.
After the event: Did you enjoy the event? In which area we need to improve for you to have a better experience?
These are the questions you need to ask to clients and attendees. Event managers ask feedbacks from clients and attendees to gain valuable insights to polish future events and to improve as an event manager. The event manager speaks to the team and reflect on what happened during the day and discusses what can be improve.
A challenging but rewarding job.
The job of an event manager is challenging yet interesting but one that is worth doing again and again. A great feedback from guests and clients makes the challenging work worthwhile and rewarding. This is because a good event manager gives the clients their dream event- just how they envisioned it.