Kid's Fun Week with Krafty Kids

September 28, 2017
It has been an amazing week at Reem Community. Kids’ Fun Week, hosted by Krafty Kids, is a five-day event that is held last August 27-31 every 4-7pm at Reem Community. This event is for kids and families to enjoy. There are fantastic range of free activities from arts, crafts, dances, and games. Here are the highlights of Kids’ Fun Week. 
Day 1: Unleashing Creativity Creating a Beautiful Art
The first day started with various fun activities prepared for the kids. One of the main activities is sand art and pottery painting. In this activity, the kids can choose various colors, from sky blue to sassy pink, combining these splash of colors to create a beautiful result. Other activities include face painting, building paper mâché, and even toddlers join in the fun while playing in the soft play areas.
Day 2: Challenging but Fun Parkour Session
The amazing Parkour session involved the kids to move and overcome obstacles by running, jumping, climbing, and performing other stunts. The goal of parkour is to go to your next point as efficiently. For the parkour session, the kids took turns in climbing over the blocks, testing their balance by walking along the beams, and hopping from one barrier to the next. Overall, this Parkour session was a fun and creative activity that improves the kids’ patience, speed and strength.
Day 3: Kick it like Bruce Lee in the Martial arts/Karate Session
Karate is a popular Japanese martial art of self-defense without any use of weapons and striking specific areas on the opponent’s body with your hand. For the karate session, professional guests demonstrated the proper karate stance and basic combat techniques. After the demonstration, kids participated by trying themselves some of the moves.
Day 4: Dance to the lively tunes!
Lively music spread all over Reem community on the 4th day. The hyped kids were ready to dance to the tunes of Zumba, a famous aerobic workout that combines Latin and international music together, which are suitable for all ages. The kids, together with the fitness instructor, feel the groove with Zumba by learning new dance moves and moving in rhythm. Also, some mommies and daddies dance along the rhythm.
Day 5: Play Day with the Whole Family
The last day of the Kids’ Fun Week was filled with games and entertainment for the entire family.

Kids’ Fun Week was truly a fun and successful week! We hope you had fun as much as we do. We at Krafty Kids would like to extend our warmest thank you to those who supported this event.