Do you have your 30-secs sales pitch ready?

September 27, 2017
Wouldn’t this billboard grab your attention & stay with you long after you’ve seen it? Most likely it will. It’s funny, crisp, witty & sells a great story in less than 7 words!!! That’s exactly how the commercial must sound for the most important product - YOUR BUSINESS.
 What is a 30-seconds sales pitch? 
Simply put, a 30-seconds sales pitch is an attention grabbing and curiosity creating answer to the very basic question, ‘What do you do?’ The goal of a great 30-seconds sales pitch is to generate enough interest in the listener’s mind that the latter seeks a second meeting to understand the details of your business offerings.
 Features of a 30-seconds sales pitch 
Just think of a TV commercial when you are drafting your 30-seconds sales pitch. Just like a TV commercial, your pitch needs to have the following (if not all) features: 
  •  Brevity: It takes preparation & art to narrate your story within 30 seconds. That’s all the time you have before your prospect’s attention drifts away.
  • Prospect’s point of view: A sales pitch is not about what you can do but how your services or product can add value to the prospect. Therefore, the pitch must address the basic ‘What’s in it for me’ question from your prospect/listener’s point of view
  • Stickiness: Tell a compelling story that your prospect will remember long after he has met a gazillion people at a networking event. Your sales pitch must enable you to stand out among the clutter & noise. 
Some examples of 30-seconds sales pitch 
While the above list of features is in no way exhaustive, it will help you with the most essential guidelines to draft your own sales pitch. Let’s take a look at some examples 
Let’s assume you are a wedding planner at a networking event. You are aware that you could be meeting many potential clients at the event. How would your 30-seconder sound like?
 Example 1: 
‘Hello! My name is (your name) and I am the owner of (your company name). We are wedding planners known for our ‘fingerprint’ philosophy. No two weddings we design have ever had a repeat design element. We are fanatical about giving the couple a wedding that no one else will ever have!’ 
The above 30-seconder is bound to catch the prospect’s attention because of the unusual concept of ‘fingerprint philosophy’. It’s bound to create a question ‘What’s a fingerprint philosophy?’ To which one can delve into the USP of designing distinct & unique weddings. 
Example 2: 
‘I am (your name) and I am the owner of (your company name). We are like the Shruti & Bitto of the wedding planning industry- Young, Dynamic & Crazy. Unlike most other companies, we plan only one wedding at a time that reflects the quirks & personalities of our bride & groom.’ 
The above 30-seconder will work due to the famous character reference of Shruti & Bitto from the runway blockbuster ‘Band Baaja Baraat’. The prospect will be able to connect that you don’t copy-paste themes but design weddings uniquely & are fully committed to one wedding at a time. This is surely a Bold & Bollywood 30-seconder but will hit the bull’s eye if your prospects tend to be familiar with Bollywood films. 
Example 3: 
‘I am (your name), founder of (your company name). I am in the business of giving the happiest start to the happily ever after of a couple’s life.’ 
The above 30-seconder is crisp & delivers a strong emotion related to the famous ‘happily ever after’ romance. 
The above examples will hopefully inspire you enough to grab a notepad & pen to draft your own unique 30-seconder. The more you use it, the more comfortable you will get with script & the feedback will help you tweak it constantly to get your sales shooting through the roof!