September 28, 2017

 A kid’s birthday party is one of the highlights of their childhood. Indeed, a happy birthday party will create wonderful memories for you and your child. So, if your kid’s birthday is coming up, here are a few factors to consider when planning your kid’s special day.

Choosing the Theme
Involve your kid in deciding the birthday party theme. Make a list of options for the theme while considering their interests. Observe their current activities, sports, or cartoon characters that they particularly enjoy. Here are some suggestions of the common party themes for your child: princesses, animals, pirates, and superheroes. Spice up these usual themes by adding an extra element. For example, for a superheroes themed-party, focus on Justice League characters. Have a dress up party where your kid can be Superman or the Flash for the special day. Encourage the other kids to play part in the dress up. Let your celebrant decide the theme and this will help narrow down choices for decorations, invitation designs and activities. Once you and your child decided for the theme, plan the other elements around your theme.
Finding the Location
Venues can be indoors, outdoors, or your very home. Some things to keep in mind when choosing party venues: number of guests, the venue size, the available facilities at the venue, and the theme. Consider also the space where the parents can hangout and at the same time enough space where kids can move around.
Creating the Menu
Ask your kid’s preferences when it comes to planning food. Decide whether you will cater or cook at home. Here are some menu suggestions. For meals, go for pizza, burgers, or spaghetti. For snacks, chicken nuggets or fries. As for desserts, bake some cupcakes or cake. For drinks, opt for juice box. Lastly, consider also finger foods for the parents and adult guests.
Creating the Games and Activities
As for the party program, decide whether to hire professional entertainer or to ask extra help from a neighbor, friend, or a relative. Keep the kids occupied from the time that they arrive at the venue. Kids can easily get bored so avoid that by preparing some toys beforehand. Put some Legos or coloring materials while they wait for the party to start. You can prepare some classic games like freeze dance or musical chairs, or create a treasure hunt. Keep in mind that the choice of activities should match the theme of the party. Depending on your theme, you can also have dress ups and runaway show as part of the program. For extra fun, hire some costumed mascots to entertain the kids and guests. Don’t forget to prepare prizes and goodies for the participants.
Have Fun!
Last but not the least, have fun! Celebrating your kid’s birthday requires good planning and creativity. Welcoming guests and other parents whilst entertaining the kids and keeping them happily involved can be a bit stressful. But nevertheless, if done successfully, planning for your kid’s birthday party and celebrating it with them is very much rewarding. Seeing your kid’s happy face at the end of the day is totally worth it. Don’t forget to join in the fun with your little one and create a beautiful memory.