The Big S: Getting it right on Social Media- Part 3

October 24, 2017

 In the previous 2 parts of this 3-part series, we shared tips on how to popularize your online page & create credibility as a reliable event planner. Now let’s understand how we can continue to engage with the target customer and ensure that they keep coming back to your online page.

So here are 4 tips that you use to have the target customer coming back for more:
·      Become an opinion maker: Write about topical issues that will interest your target customer in the form of blogposts, notes, photo-essays depending on the medium. For example, if you are a wedding planner talk about topics like ‘Why red is not the color for wedding lehengas anymore’ or ‘Top 10 venues to get married in Dubai’ or ‘6 Bollywood Wedding Trends that will blow your mind’. These are titles that are guaranteed to garner interest among the target customer. The more relevant the topic and meaty the content, the target customers will seek out your page to just read the opinions you have published.
·      Run Contests: Contests are a great way to facilitate 2-way communication with your customers online. Contests urge customers to upload pictures or stories related to a particular theme at the end of which they win a great prize! For example, you could ask the to-be brides to upload a picture of themselves with their mothers with a caption of what they will miss the most about them in order to win a free mother-daughter pamper session at a spa. Or you could get the to-be bride to tag her gang of girls (the bridesmaids) in a photo-op to win a special photo session with your in-house photographer as a bachelorette gift! Or simply put up a FB post stating ‘Tag a 2018 bride or groom!’
·       Share ‘Behind the Scenes’ Footage: Most event planners will agree that many times the drama at any event happens behind the scenes. Capture moments that could be bloopers or funny or show team effort or the fact that you work odd hours to upload online. People love to get a glimpse of what it takes to run an event smoothly. Plus that makes you more humane and relatable to your customers. It’s a complete win-win.
·       Use online to engage offline: Online medium is super effective to drive footfalls at an offline event. For example, let’s say you are organizing a flea market. You could post 1 minute videos of some of your exhibitors talking about the exciting merchandise that will be on display. Or have some of the food vendors create exciting videos of the food they will be putting up. You could have entertainers create a 30-second teaser and appeal to the crowd to visit them at the flea market for more. FB offers the option of stating of you are attending an event or tentatively attending the event. Get customers to ‘attend the event’ on FB so it shows in their networks! Online medium can also be used to create multiple fun-posts during as well as post events.
So start with these simple tips to get the juices flowing on your online page. Just remember the content needs to be relevant, topical and consistent so that your target customers can keep coming back for more.
So all the best & rock the social media world!!! May your likes, shares and reposts shoot through the roof!