The Big S: Getting it Right on Social Media- Part 2

October 24, 2017
In the first part of this 3-part series, we shared tips on how to drive the targeted traffic on your social media page. The next question really is that once you have the ideal customer on your page, how will you establish your credibility as a reliable & dependable event planner?
So here are 4 quick tips that you can start applying to establish your credibility & authenticity online.
·     Talk about YOUR credentials: People do business with people they like. So put yourself out there and talk about your credentials. For example, if you have completely started your own event management firm straight off campus, draw credibility from the institute that you have studied from or some of the professors who have tutored you or some of the interesting internship work you may have done during your academic years. In your introduction or ‘About You’ section, draw a parallel with some of the biggest business geniuses who started off campus like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg to state that it was their passion, commitment and genius that led to creation of some of the largest businesses in the world. That is what you intend to do with your company in the event management space. This takes off the focus from the fact that you may not be too seasoned and puts the focus on multiple success stories of young, ambitious business owners that started off, just like YOU. In case you have previous relevant experience, it becomes easier to establish credibility by stating the institute you have studied from or previous organizations you have worked with or simply the clients you have catered too and most importantly the kind of work you have handled before.
·      Flaunt your team/partners: In the field of event management, you are only as good as your team or your vendor partners as a successful event is always a cumulative effort of multiple stakeholders who bring different expertise to the table. Hence it’s important to talk about your team (in-house if you have) and your vendor partners (who may be working with you on a freelance event-basis). For example, you may be a new wedding planner on the block but you may have many wedding service providers as your freelance partners, such as wedding photographers, make-up artists, DJ etc, who are seasoned and have a body of work to display to targeted customers. Do a fabulous write up on them and provide a link of their work videos/photos/client testimonies (with their due permission, of course)! This will create a fantastic play-off for you where your potential customer will be reassured of your ability despite the fact that you could be a relatively new player in the market.
·       Share your client reviews: According to a study conducted by Search Engine Land, 85% of the consumers stated that they read about 10 reviews before feeling like they can trust a brand. So what better than getting your clients to share their genuine experiences on your social media page!!! Create exciting and fun videos of your clients talking about the work they hired you for, the creative input you got to the table, your ability to execute the event seamlessly and specifically any particular incident where you really out-did yourself. If the client was referred to you by another happy client, then ensure that is mentioned in their video as only happy clients practice advocacy.   Ideally use video formats than texts as videos are more engaging and likely to get shared.
·      Showcase your work: Nothing speaks better than your work itself. Create outlets where you can ‘show and tell’ to your target customers. If you are wedding photographer you must create albums of the individual weddings you have covered and caption each picture with a beautiful title. If you are a wedding videographer, upload trailer-like, crisply edited videos which narrate the story of the event. Whatever you do, create exciting photos and videos that can be uploaded and shared on social media. Anything visual is more engaging and gives the target customer a better sense of what you can achieve!

Now try these 4 tips to create engaging content that will drive up your credibility & the belief in your target customer that you can totally pull off an event for them. Next we talk about tips on how to keep engaging and driving the traffic back on your social media accounts! Stay tuned.