The Big S: Getting in Right on Social Media- Part 1

October 24, 2017
“Not having your business on social media is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing but nobody else does!” These were the exact words of a social media marketing expert who was addressing a group of entrepreneurs at a networking event. 
And boy is that true! As per a research conducted by influencer marketing agency Mediakix in 2017, the average amount of time spent on social media over a lifetime (5 years and 4 months) exceeds the average amount of time spent on ‘offline socializing’ (1 year and 3 months) by nearly 5 times!!!
*Infographic by Mediakix 
Now how can any business afford to not communicate with its target customer in the online space? Having said that, social media marketing can be very daunting for any business owner who may not be equipped with the know-how and technical expertise to create and maintain a thriving presence online.
So here in this 3-part series, we will look at the basics that YOU as the founder of an event management company need to understand in order to create presence, establish credibility and engage meaningfully with your target customer online.
Creating Your Presence Online
·       Define your target customer: You are already an expert on the services you can provide as an event planner. You also understand the target customer that you cater to. You now need to put that understanding in crystal clear words. For example, you could be a wedding planner that brings together a host of wedding service providers under one roof. Your target customer will be the to-be brides which translates into women in the age group of 25-25 years, located in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, tech-savvy and with other related interests being in arts, entertainment, media etc.
·     Decide your positioning: There will be other event planners like you. So how are you different? For instance, you could be a wedding planner that caters to destination weddings only or you could be a wedding planner that caters to more quirky & original small-scale weddings etc. Defining the positioning will have an impact on the language, tone, images etc that you put up on social media.
·       Decide the medium: Based on your target customer & positioning you can arrive at the best media that works for you. For instance, as a wedding planner you are more likely to find the target audience on Instagram & FB than on a Snapchat! On the contrary if you are a corporate event planner then a combination of LinkedIn, Twitter and FB could work better.
        Start popularizing your presence: Now that you have defined the factors that will influence the content, how do you ensure that your target customers visit your page? Here are 3 ways of doing it 
  • Use influencers on social media: Identify the influencers with massive following on your selected social media platforms and get them to spread a word about your services. For instance, you could be organizing a flea market of sorts where multiple stand-alone designers will showcase their latest clothes and accessories. Now you may not have the budgets to ‘pay’ influencers but you can always identify individuals within your professional and personal networks who have a massive following on social media platforms (where you are present) and are opinion makers or trend-setters in fashion. A quick video post of them expressing their excitement to visit your exhibition can create a lot of flutter among their circles & traffic on your page! 
  • Use bloggers: In the social media space, bloggers can be big influencers. Tapping into the right bloggers to review your services can create authentic endorsements by these influencers. Let’s go back to the previous example where you are organizing a flea market. Invite bloggers who specialize on fashion and styling with a reasonably large following to visit your exhibition. Even pre-exhibition, you can ask them to hand-pick 5 different garments from 5 different participants to create 5 uniquely styled looks which they can then post on their Instagram & FB accounts! Getting the bloggers to confirm their visit to your exhibition will not only direct a lot of their followers to your page but could also translate into footfalls on the actual days of exhibition. 
  • Use Boost Feature: The reality is that creating large followership fully organically is a very tall order for any business. It’s almost necessary to have a budget to use boost features on FB etc to reach a wider and targeted audience. Social Media is probably the only platform that has the power to allow you targeted buy i.e. you can define the target audience you want to reach and the technology allows your services to categorically pop up on the home pageof your targeted audience.
So hopefully, you are equipped to at least take the first few steps towards creating your online presence. Even if you hire social media marketing experts, it’s better to have clarity on the above things as no one knows your business better than you do. So give it a good think an watch out this space for Part 2 where we discuss on how to create credibility online.