Life of an Event Planner

October 24, 2017

Fun. Glamour. Parties. Late Nights. Travel- Words that instantly come to mind when one speaks of the life of an event planner. While there is a fair share of truth to it, that’s not the whole story. An event planner is required to do many mundane & demanding tasks on a daily basis to be able to execute that perfect event. 

So what does the life of an event planner really look like? Here’s an inside scoop on the same: 

  • Tremendous interaction with people: Whether you are pitching an idea to a client or negotiating with vendors to get the best deals or coordinating with artists scheduled to perform on the D-day or arranging an army of volunteers for the event day, the job of an event planner requires tremendous interaction with people across mail, telephone and personal meetings. The ‘coming together’ of an event requires participation of multiple stakeholders & event planners are usually in the centre of the storm ensuring everyone executes their job well and on time. So be prepared to communicate, influence and manage people. A Lot. All The Time. 
  • Ideation of New Concepts: One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of an event planner’s role is to ideate new concepts for similar events. For instance how will you freshen up a Christmas event that spans across 2 weeks in a mall? How will YOUR event be different than the dozens of christmas events that are happening in different malls across town? That’s the challenge. And cracking that is the sweetest victory ever! So not a bad idea to keep a little book handy to note down any new inspiration that hits you at odd hours. That could be the X-factor in your next event. 
  • Being Disaster Ready: No matter how much you plan, there are bound to be some last minute glitches. Sometimes the mike won’t work while other times you may need to stall your audience as the next performer is not ready on time. An event planner is expected to think on their feet and demonstrate flexibility to deal with SOS situations on the day of the event. Hence remember: look like a diva and act like a yogi!  
  • Long & Untimely Working Hours: For most other professionals the mantra TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!) holds true. Yeah event planning is not that profession. For one, most events are likely to happen over weekends and holiday season. Secondly, on the run up to the event & actual event-days, one can bid adieu to everything a human being needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs- Food, Sleep, Sanity. All you do is work, work, work to make the event happen. On the brighter side, you have more free time on weekdays when the rest of the world is grinding it at work. Which means no long queues in boutiques, no over-crowded restaurants and cheaper movie tickets!!! 

While this is in no way an exhaustive list of all things an event planner deals with on a daily basis, it would give you a fair amount of perspective of it really entails behind all the glamour & fun. It’s no doubt a crazy profession but it’s one of the few professions where monotony will rarely set in. Your ability to stay relevant to client needs depends on the unique & fresh ideas you can keep bringing to the table. So if you are one of those who dreads living the same year for the next 40 years on repeat mode, consider embracing this creative, challenging, adrenaline pumping profession. It won’t let you down!