6 Networking Tips To increase your Event Planning Business

October 24, 2017

 Have you ever noticed how a book cover may prominently proclaim that it’s been on the New York Times Bestseller List for weeks in a row? Or a movie proclaim that it is fast grossing INR 100 crores at the box office? The tall proclamations focus on the sales and rarely on the content of the book or the movie. That’s because when it really comes to down to it, business is all about the numbers- Sales, Revenues and Profits. 

And that’s what we are here to talk about. How do YOU ensure that your prospect pipeline is always full and you are meeting your quarterly and annual business targets. Because you may be the best event planner in town but it won’t help if you don’t have clients queuing up to avail your services.

 So here are 6 tips that will ensure you are networking and constantly adding high-quality prospective clients to your sales pipeline. 

Client Referrals 

A happy client who has availed your services is the best source of referrals for you. They have experienced the entire process with you and are familiar with your working style. Do not shy away from asking them for referrals of friends or family or business connections who could avail of your services in the near future. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no! 

In fact make it a point to stay in touch with your clients on mail or social media to ensure top of the mind recall for 2 purposes- repeat business from them itself or for the purpose of referring friends and family to you. 

Vendor Partnerships 

Guess what’s the first step of planning a proposal? Usually begins with buying a ring! Who better than a jeweller to recommend a wedding planner to the prospective groom right at the beginning of the process? In fact you could have mutually benefitting tie-ups with jewellers, banquet owners, florists, local clergy to recommend your event planning services to the prospective clients. It’s naturally understood that you will return the favour. The only tip is to ensure that all your vendor partners are top-notch in terms of the services they provide to ensure that you are truly creating winning partnerships. 

Trade Fairs 

Meet your clients wherever they are! If you are a wedding planner, participate in bridal exhibitions where you are bound to meet many prospective brides. If you are a corporate planner, list yourself as a participant in the Annual National HR Conference of your city/country as it will put you face to face with the Human Resource Heads of the biggest companies in town. 

Participating in these trade fairs is certainly an investment of time, money and effort but it gives you the unique opportunity to showcase your work (through your stall design) and network with the right type of clients who are there with a mindset of networking. 

Networking Organizations 

There are many international and local networking organizations that operate on the philosophy of leveraging personal networks to create quality referrals for colleagues in exchange for the same from them. These type of organizations usually work on a barter system rather than commission system. ‘You create a quality referral for me and I will do the same for you’ sort of philosophy. 

Becoming a member of these organizations will certainly demand your time, money and effort but it’s worth it as it gives you the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs from different backgrounds willing to open up their personal networks to you provided you do the same for them. 

Social Media 

Use social media wisely to promote your services as an event planner. Have a Facebook page that is loaded with images & videos of your previous events. These images and videos help in building your credibility even to a new person visiting your page. Run contests on your page to engage with your fan-base on social media. Use an Instagram account to update drool-worthy pictures of not just your work but also some behind the scenes actions. 

Most importantly use paid features on these social media platforms to reach out to your ‘targeted’ customer online as it will help boost the traffic to your page and ensure that your posts show up on the home feed of your targeted customer. 

Pull off an Awesome Event 

Just pull off an awesome show. At any event there are bound to a gazillion visitors/ participants. When they have a great experience at the event, they are already convinced about your capabilities and will seek you out to connect in case of future needs. Be classy, exchange a fabulous card and remember to follow through with these connects. As long as you are in touch with them you are bound to generate business sooner or later. 

So use these tips CONSISTENTLY and soon you will be sitting on more business that you can handle. And that is a wonderful problem to deal with !!!